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Updates and Modifications
(changed September 26, 2018)

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Email address changes: Carol and John Richings. 09/26/18

Messages and Announcements: 2018 Events Calendar updated. 09/26/18



"Of Noteworthiness"

The Sounds of Garfield, a recording that featured the 1964-1965 activities band, can now be played through GHHS66. Go to Music and click on Activities Band under Recordings made by ... There, instructions and a help file will guide you. Soon you will be able to playback musical selections that featured the traditonal choir and the incomparable Triple Trio.

GHHS66 is located at Stargate Inc. under URL:

Messages and Announcements allows you to submit your message or announcement through a form.

The page, Images Appear Grainy, under Troubleshooting in Help? has been added to the site.



More work will soon be done to the "Help?" page.

This help area is being written in a frame environment where your viewing screen is spilt between a listing of topics and a discussion of a selected topic. The facilities in this area:

The "Sounds of Garfield" and choral recordings will be made available in GHHS66 for playback through on-line streaming using Real Player.



As yet, no time-frame has been set for the development of the following features:

There are plans to include multimedia features, such as sound and movies, in Sports, Music, and Showboat Varieties.



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