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Garfield Heights High School
Class of 1966

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Track Team
First Row: Bill Sigmund, Clark Thomas, Cliff Meston, Dave Jones, Pat DiMarco, Jim Padrlik, Bill Sprengel, Bill Brezina, Chris Karabinis, Gary Zizka, Leroy Schultz. Second Row: Manager Marc Jackson, Rade Martin, Frank Harris, Wesley Triff, Phillip Viton, Rich Boguski, Arnold Vedrin, Steve Mennen, Myron Twiggs, Charles McGuire, Craig Young, Terry Duke, Larry Langmead, Al Franzolino, Gary Lupica, Coach Larry Lako. Third Row: Manager Paul Gaultiere, Dave Fryzel, Don Kitson, Dennis Kalas, Dave Humpal, Ken Mayer, Bob Sliwinski, Paul Miller, Terry Cottrell, John Smith, John Richings, Rich Waters, John Yarie, Doug D'Amico, Coach Dennis Fryzel. Fourth Row: George Schuster, Wayne Mankowski, Bob Johnson, Dan Ebenhack, Captain Ken Urban, Doug Trisnar. Not Shown: Rich Holy, Floyd Konet, Ron Kus, Steve Rives, Tom Waryas, Rich Wodell (Note: Members of the Class of 1966 are shown in italics.)

A recap of the season ...

During the 1965-1966 school year, track was unquestionably the most diverse sport at Garfield Heights High School. Under the leadership of coach Larry Lako and coach Dennis Fryzel, the 1966 track team posted a 1-9 record while setting five school records, including a record time in the mile relay. The lone victory, the first in nearly four years, was against South High when Garfield captured 13 of 15 events for a 90-37 decision.

Ken Urban, who specialized in the 440-yard dash, was voted team captain. Broad jumper Tom Waryas accumulated a team high 79 points while other individuals who were leading point-getters include George Schuster, Terry Cottrell, and Dennis Kalas. Kalas participated on two record breaking relay teams and compiled the third highest point total on the team.

Individually, Don Kitson was the best sprinter, running the 100-yard dash in 10.3 seconds and the 220 in 24.1 seconds. Terry Cottrell, the best distance runner, did the mile in 4:49.2 and the half-mile in 2:08.8. Bryan Johnson ran a team best 10:53 in the two-miler while Dave Fryzel ran the low hurdle event in 20.1 seconds.

In other events, Tom Waryas won several meets in the broad jump, Doug D'Amico was outstanding in pole vault at 11'-1", Dan Ebenhack was the team's best performer in the shotput and discuss throwing, and Dick Walus was the best among the high jumpers.

Tom Waryas was named the team's MVP at the All-Sports Banquet. His trophy was donated by the Garfield Leader.

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A Little Nostalgia:


Do you remember ...

Prior to a track meet, the Garfield Cheerleaders would prepare mementos, like the one to the left, and pass them out to the student body in the halls, classrooms, and cafeteria and at assemblies. They were usually worn on the shirt, blouse, sweater, etc. Their purpose was to build school spirit on the day of a track meet.

This memento is a copy of an original (including the pin) that was saved by Terry Cottrell. It was passed out for the track meet with Eastlake North to start the 1966 track season.

Coach Dennis Fryzel left his position at Garfield Heights to become an assistant coach under Woody Hayes at The Ohio State University.

Senior Reminisces ...

Track Ribbon
Terry Cottrell recalls the Greater Cleveland Track Meet, held on May 17, 1966. He wanted to prove that he was the best in the mile event by finishing first in the Conference Meet. Instead, he finished in fourth place.

The ribbon to the left is a copy of Terry's original. To this day, this ribbon reminds him that he should have done better.

Did You Know ... Copied from Bulldog Bits, 1966 June Edition of the Garfield Mirror

Ken Mayer was kidded because he frequently dropped the baton during relays. Ken finally became fed up with the kidding and spurred his 880 relay teammates into setting the school record.

It seemed that during the past few weeks, nearly every track man has sustained some sort of injury or another. Manager Mark Jackson felt left out and "decided to join the crowd." He tripped, spraining his ankle. He now proudly hobbles around on crutches.

While riding on the bus to the conference track meet at Berea, one of the boys laid his black parka against the window. The hood dropped out, got caught by the wind, and the whole parka flew away, never to be seen again.

For the past two years, Seniors Doug D'Amico has been eyeing the pole-vaulting record of 11 feet 6 inches. Seeing that the season was soon to end, Doug was able to hurl himself to this height and the new record. Then, to his own surprise, at the next meet Doug flew over the bar at an amazing 11 feet 6 and 3/4 inches.

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