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Garfield Heights High School
Class of 1966

* * * * *

Antenucci, Dom Kestranek, Foster
Chercourt, Terry McCallum, Stu
Day, Doug McCombe, Tom
Gedrich, Ron Steck, Greg
Hart, Richard Vidd, Bob
Hoaglund, Mike  
Coach - Harley Mays

Team photo is not available at this time. The
photo in the 1966 yearbook is the 1965 team.

Even though Garfield Heights fielded its first interscholastic golf team in 1965, the 1966 team began the second season under Coach Harley Mays with optimism. Returning was a core of veterans who helped Garfield earn a 4-7 record during its maiden season.

Garfield started slowly by losing its first three matches, all on the road. The first was to powerful Eastlake North 5.5-3.5, while the second was to Bedford 5.5-3.5 and the third to Berea by the same score. The Bulldogs rebounded by defeating Midpark 7-2 at Sleepy Hollow, their home course. Late in the season, the Bulldogs were almost unbeatable when they won five of six matches. During this run, Garfield scored a rare shutout against South High, leaving the Flyers on the short end of a 10-0 decision.

Overall, Garfield finished the season with a 6-6 record and placed fifth out of 24 teams in the District Tournament. By winning a sudden death playoff in the District, Don Antenucci qualified for the State Tournament where he placed eighth out a field of 200.

For the season, Antenucci turned in the most outstanding performances on the team. Antenucci along with Foster Kestranek set a record for the lowest score shot in match play, a 37.

Other golfers who saw action over the 1966 season were seniors Terry Chercourt and Stu McCallum, juniors Doug Day and Mike Hoagland, and sophomore Tom McCombe.

Antenucci was named the team's MVP at the All-Sports Banquet. His trophy was donated by the Garfield Heights Lions Club.

* * * * *

How a match was played ...

Only those boys holding the top five positions at the time of a scheduled match were allowed to compete, and only the four best scores were used in deciding the victor. Prior to a match, a practice round was held.

Seniors Reminisce ... Copied from the June, 1966 edition of the Garfield Mirror.

Golfer Don Antenucci recently entered into a sudden-death play-off with three other boys. The winner was to go to the State tournament Memorial Day weekend. After the first hole, only Don and one other were left. After the fourth, Don moved into the victor position.

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