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Garfield Heights High School
Class of 1966

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Cross Country Team
Bottom Row: Coach Ted Lesiak, Terry Meek, Captain Terry Cottrell, Paul Miller, Ken Bond. Top Row: Captain Dan Kvetko, Dale Kucaj, Koch Tom, Larry Mielczarek, John Yarie. Not Shown: Bill Brezina, Terry Chercourt, Ernie Chizmar, Rich Fernandaz, Greg Dombas, John Richings, Manager Dennis Yarmesch. (Note: Members of the Class of
1966 are shown in italics.)

Greater Cleveland Conference
(Bedford, Berea, Eastlake North, Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, Midpark)

Season Record (2-7)  Conference Record (0-3)
Dates   Scores
Fri. September 17, 1965
Thurs. September 23, 1965

Mon. Sept. 27, 1965
Thurs. September 30, 1965
Thurs. October 7, 1965
Mon. October 11, 1965
Thurs. Octber 14, 1965
Wed. October 20, 1965
Tues. October 26, 1965
Sat. October 30, 1965
  Garfield Heights 18
(Tri-School Meet)

Garfield Heights n/a
Garfield Heights 23
Garfield Heights n/a
Garfield Heights n/a
Garfield Heights n/a
(G.C.C. Meet)
(Berea Meet)

(District Meet)
Maple Heights 14
2nd place: South 20, Garfield 39, Lincoln 85
Brecksville 21
Bedford n/a
Strongsville 32
Gilmour Academy n/a
Eastlake North n/a
4th place finish
finish n/a

4th place finish

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Cross-country was a relatively new sport at Garfield Heights in 1965, and regrettably it did not have the large following that other sports enjoyed during the 1965-1966 interscholastic season. Preparing for the endurance of distance running required unimaginable dedication and hard work. With today's emphasis on conditioning through walking, jogging, and aerobic exercises, we can only now appreciate the sacrifices made by these athletes so many years ago.

Coach Ted Lesiak took over the cross-country squad from Jim Hartman, who guided the 1964 squad to its first victories in five years. With only two victories on the season, the success of the 1965 squad was measured through the effort and determination.

Of the 17 runners who regularly competed at each meet, three were standouts: Terry Cottrell, Dan Kvetko, and Ernie Chizmar. Also performing well were Paul Miller, Bill Brezina, Ken Bond, and Greg Gombas.

Terry Cottrell, who turned in the best time for the team by running the two-mile course at Gilmour in 10:09, was named the team's MVP at the All-Sports Banquet for an unprecedented second year in a row. His trophy was donated by Mrs. Charles Blaugrund and Dr. and Mrs. William Ansley.

Some Highlights ...

All home meets were held at Garfield Park over a hilly two mile course.

In a tri-school meet, Terry Cottrell finished in a dead heat for first place with a South High runner, while Dan Kvetko finished 6th and Ernie Chizmar 8th to round out the top three performers for the Bulldogs. Garfield beat Lincoln, but succumbed to South for second place in the meet. Beating Lincoln gave the Bulldogs their first victory of the season.

In the dual meet with Maple Heights, Cottrell turned in the best individual performance for the Bulldogs by finishing third in a field of 36 runners. Kvetko ran the course in 10:24 to place eighth. Chizmar came in eleventh, while Bill Brezina finished thirteenth and Paul Miller fifteenth.

In a loss to Brecksville, Cottrell came in third and Kvetko fourth.

** * * *

Seniors Reminisce ... Copied from the June, 1966 edition of the Garfield Mirror.

Dan Kvetko remembers the cross-country meet at Brecksville in 1964. As a junior, Dan participated in the first Garfield cross-country victory in five years.

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