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Garfield Heights High School
Class of 1966

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THE 1966 VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM1966 Varsity Baseball Team

Seated: Dave Straka, Dennis Wozniak, Russ Horwath, Ed Kidwell, Phil Monczewski, Bill Stautihar, John Sero, Dan Goedecke, Greg Sever. Standing: Manager Joe Kwiatek, Frank Surlas, Al Janke, Rich Globokar, Ed Kostyack, Bob Ritley, Jim Derfel, Mitch Karczewski, Chuck Debelak, Bill Giaimo, Bruce Ceo, Frank Remesch, Coach Larry Bauer. Missing: Manager Rich Presti, Charles Rifici, Frank Surace. (Note: Members of the Class of 1966 are shown in italics.)

Greater Cleveland Conference
(Bedford, Berea, Eastlake North, Garfield Heights, Maple Heights, Midpark)

Season Record (8-9)  Conference Record (5-5)
Dates   Scores

Tues. April 19, 1966

Fri. April 22, 1966
(Bedford Tournament)
Fri. April 29, 1966
Mon. May 2, 1966
Weds. May 4, 1966

Weds. May 11, 1966
Fri. May 13, 1966

Mon. May 23, 1966
Mon. May 30, 1966
  Garfield Heights 5
Garfield Heights 0
Garfield Heights 5
Garfield Heights 6
Garfield Heights 0
Garfield Heights 2
Garfield Heights 4
Garfield Heights n/a
Garfield Heights 6
Garfield Heights 7
Garfield Heights 15
Garfield Heights 0
Garfield Heights n/a
Garfield Heights 11
Garfield Heights 2
Garfield Heights 3
Garfield Heights 4
Lakewood 2
Maple Heights 1
South 13
Eastlake North 3
Bedford 1
Bedford 3
Padua 7
Benedictine n/a
Berea 3
Midpark 5
Maple Heights 5
Eastlake North 4
Holy Name n/a
Midpark 5
Bedford 8
University 0
Berea 5

This table is incomplete and possibly out of order.
The listed dates are for home games only. Dates for away games are unknown.


Heading into the 1966 baseball season, the Bulldogs returned three all-conference players, shortstop Rich Globokar, catcher Ed Kostyack, and first baseman Bob Ritley to anchor a veteran squad that featured team speed and good hitting. Except for inexperience in the pitching ranks, Coach Bauer was optimistic about his team's chances of winning the Greater Cleveland Conference championship.

Garfield was in contention for the GCC crown for most of the season, but all hopes for a championship faded when the Bulldogs dropped four of five conference games late in the campaign to finish in second place with a 5-5 conference record.

During the season, the Bulldogs were able to produce runs at will with homerun power and timely hitting. During one three-game stretch, Garfield scored 28 runs on 39 hits to defeat Berea, Midpark, and Maple Heights. The slump began when Eastlake North defeated Garfield 4-0. This loss in concert with two costly defeats to eventual champion Bedford dropped the Bulldogs out of contention for the GCC crown.

Junior Frank Surace, who was Garfield's most effective pitcher, provided the most memorable thrill of the season by hurling a near perfect no-hit shutout over University School. In that game, Surace struck out 7 batters while yielding one walk.

Senior Rich Globokar, who played for the varsity since his sophomore year, led the team in hitting with a .450 batting. Senior Dan Goedecke was second in hitting with a .326 average. Globokar and Goedecke tied for the team lead in RBI with 13.

Other seniors who played brilliantly during the season were Greg Severs, Bob Ritley, Phil Monczewski, Bill Stautihar, Bruce Ceo, Ed Kostyack, and John Sero.

A number of players were named to the Dream Team of the Cleveland Plain Dealer. Rich Globokar was honored as the team's MVP at the All-Sports Banquet. The trophy was donated by American Legion John Lawrence Post No. 304.

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Copied from the April-May, 1966 edition of the Garfield Mirror.

Question: When to Steal ... Many times during a baseball game, a runner takes a chance and steals a base -- possibly scoring the winning run. This important part of the game has become quite an art, according to Frank Remesch, one of the fastest men on the Garfield squad. When asked what tells him to leave base, he said: "I watch the way the pitcher throws the ball. If he is very fast in his wind-up, it makes it a lot harder to decide just when to go."

Ed Kostyack, now leading the team with 5 stolen bases, claims that the most important thing is to get the jump on the pitcher.

Bill Stautihar, another fast man on the bags, revealed his theories on base stealing: "First of all, you have to be fast. You must also watch how well the catcher can make the throw to second. The most important think to watch is the pitcher's form. When he steps forward, he can't stop his motion, so you make the break. A big part of it, though, is luck!" -- and all three seemed to agree on this.

* * * * *

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