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Band Wows 80,000 Fans at Browns-Skins Game (December, 1965) ... Music Colors School Life (June, 1966) ... These are two of many titles to articles that were written about the music organizations at Garfield Heights High School during the 1965-1966 school year.

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During the 60's, Garfield Heights High School was rich in musical talent. In 1964, Frank Dolak, a member of the Class of 1964, represented Garfield in the U.S. High School Band and the Majorettes won the Grand Twirling Championship of the World Twirling Association and the Ohio Twirling Championship. The marching band, considered to be the finest in the State and one of the best in the nation, performed for the Cleveland Browns an unprecedented three consecutive years, 1965-1967. The Traditional Choir was one of the most active groups at Garfield and in the community, but its was the incomparable Triple Trio and their harmonious melodies that helped Garfield become a leader in vocal music. Without queston, the Class of 1966 played an important roll in many of these acheivements.

Although these pages emphasize the 1965-1966 music organizations at Garfield Heights High School, recordings made by the Activities Band, the Traditional Choir, and the Triple Trio during the period 1963-1965 are included because many musicians and vocalists of the Class of 1966 were participants.

What is included: These pages include photos, rosters, highlights of activities and acheivements, reproductions of concert programs, and songs. Much of the material comes from the 1963-1966 yearbooks, articles in The Garfield Mirror, memorabilia, and memories.

Acknowledgement: A great many individuals have contributed to the preparation of the GHHS66 music pages. I extend a special thanks to the editorial staff and contributing writers of the 1963-1966 editions of Garfield Mirror and to Anita Royer who provided me with the songs on cassette tape ... by E. R. Zizka

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