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Featuring the 1964-1965 Garfield Heights High School Activities Band, the Sounds of Garfield was recorded and produced by Dick Wooley of Delta Records of Ohio. Many of the songs that were played by the Garfield Heights Marching Band during pregame, halftime, and post game shows from 1964-1966 are included in this recording. The recording was sold on 7-inch (45 RPM) vinal by Century Record Manufacturing Company of Saugus, California.

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The Garfield Heights High School Alma Mater. The Alma Mater was played during pregame shows, both home and away. Playing time: 1:37. WAV file size: 1,045 kilobytes.
Hark the sound of martial feet
Breaks upon the air today,
Sons and daughters of Old Garfield
March along to win the fray
Heart and hand and voice united
As they gaily swing along.
And the answering heavens echo
To their battle song!
Fight for Garfield, Win for Garfield,
Raise her colors old
Onward pressing - ever onward
For the Blue and Gold.
With a voice of mighty thunder
mounting to the sky,
Hail to thee our Alma Mater
Hail Old Garfield High.
Victory March is the well known fight song of Notre Dame University. The marching band would play this song behind the homestands at Blaugrund Field after each home victory. There are no known words to this song for Garfield Heights High School.Playing time:0:57. WAV file size: 614 kilobytes.
Old Man River was played at the beginning of each halftime show during the 1963 football season. It was also played at Cleveland Municipal Stadium when the Garfield Heights Marching Band provided halftime entertainment for the Cleveland Browns on November 15, 1964 and December 5, 1965. Playing time: 1:21. WAV file size: 873 kilobytes.
Indiana, Our Indiana is the fight song of Indiana University at Bloomington. The Garfield Heights Marching Band played this song occasionally during post game. There are no known words to this song for Garfield Heights High School.Playing Time: 0:54. WAV file size: 585 kilobytes.



Medley of Fight Songs: Across the Field (The Ohio State University's Fight the Team Across the Field) was played only during post game shows; On Old Garfield (University of Wisconsin's On Wisconsin) was played during each pre-game show, home and away; Rah Rah for Garfield was also played during pre-game; and Bulldogs, the official fight song of Garfield Heights High School, was played after each GHHS touchdown, at the conclusion of pre-game and halftime, and during post game ceremonies.. Bulldogs, a rendition of the Yale University Fight Song. Playing time: 3:56. WAV file size: 2545 kilobytes.

Fight the team across the field
Show them that Garfield's here,
Set the Earth reverberating
with a mighty cheer
Rah! Rah! Rah!
Hit them hard and see how they fall
Never let that team get ball,
Hail! Hail! The gang's all here
So let's win that old conference now.

On Oh Garfield! On Oh Garfield!
Fight right thru that line,
Send the ball down to the goal line
Touchdown sure this time
On Oh Garfield! On Oh Garfield!
Fight on to our fame,
Fight fellows fight
and we will win this game.

Hoorah for Garfield
Horrah for Garfield
Someone in the stands is yelling
Hoorah for Garfield
One! Two! Three! Four!
Who the heck are we for!
Garfield, that's who.

Bulldogs! Bulldogs!
Bow-Wow-Wow! GHS
Bulldogs! Bulldogs!
Our Team is always best
When the boys of Garfield break through the line,
they always find success
Bulldogs! Bulldogs!
Bow-Wow-Wow! GHS.

To play Bulldogs only, click . Playing time: 0:52. WAV file size: 562 kilobytes.


Did You Know...

The lyrics to Bulldog! Bulldog!, the official fight song of Yale University, are the following:

Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow Wow Wow! Eli, Eli Yale!
Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow Wow Wow! Our Team will never fail!
When the sons of Eli break through the line, that is the sign we hail!!
Bulldog! Bulldog! Bow Wow Wow! Eli, Eli Yale!

The Ohio State University fight song, Fight the Team Across the Field, was written in 1915 by William A Dougherty Jr., an OSU student. It was first introduced at a pep rally prior to and then played during the 1915 game between OSU and the University of Illinois. While it has been arranged in many different ways and used for many different purposes, its most popular use is at OSU football games. Following tradition, the Ohio State Marching Band plays the song during tough drives to urge the players on to victory, and the players conclude every game day by singing it in the locker room.


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