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ABOUT Garfield Heights High
School and the Class of 1966

This Web page presents an overview of the Garfield Heights School District during the 1965-1966 academic year with an emphasis on Garfield Heights High School and the 1966 senior class. Listings of administrative, faculty, and support staff personnel are presented. The most significant events of the period including commencement exercises, the GCC football championship, and the marching band's invitation to perform at Cleveland Municipal Stadium are briefly reviewed.

Additional information about the faculty and staff will be made available through the link to "GARFIELD HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL, FACULTY AND STAFF 1963-1966" Specific detail about the aforementioned events, including possibly sound and movie clips, will be found in the links to "SPORTS", "MUSIC" and "THE WAY WE WERE". It is anticipated that the links mentioned here will be placed on-line by the end of the year.



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