Images Appear Grainy

Image quality is a function of the browser, transmissional protocol, monitor, and viewing screen settings.

If your provider is America OnLine, you can improve image quality by transmitting in the non-compressed mode. To set this mode,

Although this will slow down the transmission of an Internet site, the quality of images will be drastically improved.

For those who have other providers, please refer to your browser's help file for an equivalent procedure.

Images will also appear less dithered (spotty) when your viewing screen is set to high (16 bit) color or true (24 or 32 bit) color. To set your screen colors in Windows95, do the following:

It is recommended that you use resolutions of 640x480 pixels or 1024x768 pixels when viewing Internet sites. The GHHS66 Web site is written for the lower resolution setting.

For those who are still using Windows 3.x, click on the Computer icon to access your monitor's color settings.

If, after doing the above, the quality of the images are still poor, you may want to consider purchasing a new monitor.

Because some applications require 256 colors, you will have to reset the Color Palette for proper performance. Usually, a warning is given as you open these applications, but no harm will come to the affected software or your computer, while working under a non-256 color setting.


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