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Garfield Heights School System
Garfield Heights, Ohio




     The Garfield Heights School System provides public education to the residents of the City of Garfield Heights, a southeastern suburb of Cleveland, Ohio.


Garfield Heights High School 1965-1966

     During this period, the Garfield Heights School System consisted of Garfield Heights High School, Garfield Heights Junior High School, and five K-6 elementaries: Elmwood Elementary, Garfield Park Elementary, Maple Leaf Elementary, Roosevelt Elementary and William Foster Elementary. The number of students, who attended Garfield Heights High School, was nearly 2000. Of the 540 students in the class of 1966, 500 attended commencement.

    Garfield Heights High School offered a comprehensive curriculum that met the wide range of needs of the student body. The principle goal of its curriculum was to provide the student with an opportunity to grow personally, socially, and academically. Its programs included vocational-technical education, developmental education, and college preparation for advanced study. Garfield Heights High School offered a number of organizations for extracurricular activities and academic enrichment. These organizations were Art Club, Art Production, Biology Seminar, Boosters Club, Canteen Club, Chess Club, Future Nurses, Future Secretaries, Future Teachers, German Club, G.A.A., Hall Guards, Hostess Club, Intramurals, J.C.W.A., Latin Club, Gym Leaders, Library Club, Movie Operators, Office Assistants, Office Production, Printing Production, P.A. Staff, Science Club, Ski Club, Student Council, Tri-Hi-Y and Ushers Club.

     Garfield Heights High School was a member of the Greater Cleveland Conference, which included Bedford High School, Berea High School, Eastlake North High School, Maple Heights High School, and Midpark High School. On its way to a 9-1 season, the varsity football team won the conference championship with an undefeated conference record.

     Considered to be one of Ohio's finest, the Garfield Heights Marching Band performed at Cleveland's Municipal Stadium for the Browns-Lions game in December, 1965. This was the second of an unprecedented three appearances in three consecutive years.

     Commencement exercises were held on Wednesday, June 15, 1966 at 8:00 P.M. in Cleveland's Music Hall. It marked the fifty-eighth commencement of Garfield Heights High School. The invocation was presented by Rev. Frank Bartnikowski, Assistant Pastor of S.S. Peter & Paul. The guest speaker was Dr. Charles Chapman, President of Cuyahoga Community College, who spoke on "The World of Change". Mr. Harold Kimball, Principal of the Garfield Heights High School, presented the class for graduation. Mr. Frank J. Kniola, President of the Garfield Heights Board of Education, presented the diplomas as Mrs. Phyllis Hummel called the senior class roll.




Mr. Charles P. Lindecamp (Superintendent)
Mr. Frank J. Kniola (President)
Mr. John Simpson (Vice President)
Mr. Jack F. Wilson (Clerk Treasurer)
Mr. Robert W. Jaskulski
Mr. C. Anthony Matousek
Mr. Michael J. Toth



Mr. Harold E. Kimball (Principal)
Mrs. Louise Conley (Assistant Principal and Treasurer)
Mr. Guy Stella (Assistant Principal and Music Coordinator)
Mr. Clifford Foust (Dean of Boys)
Mrs. Phyllis Hummel (Dean of Girls)



Mr. Hugh Brock (Counselor)
Miss Mary Kerr (Counselor)
Miss Alice Kuzius (Counselor)


FACULTY (1965-1966)

Mrs. Joyce Bahm (Junior Librarian)
Mr. Larry Bauer (Social Studies)
Mr. Bruce Bilek (Art, Science, Yearbook)
Mrs. Ruth Bretschneider (Social Studies)
Mr. Leonard Brickman (Language, Social Science)
Mr. Charles Broski (Drivers Education, Coach)
Miss Nancy Butz (Physical Education, Health)
Mr. Donald Colbert (Librarian)
Mr. Daniel Colnon (Industrial Arts)
Mr. Gerald Delooze (Industrial Arts)
Mrs. Elizabeth Donley (Home Economics)
Mr. L.V. Ebenhack (Industrial Arts)
Miss Theresa Fechek (English)
Miss Eileen Fisco (Social Science, Business Education)
Mrs. Vero Gladrow (Home Economics)
Miss June Gorski (Physical Education, Health, Hygiene)
Mr. Robert Gresock (Business Education)
Mrs.Jean Gross (Language)
Mr. Karl Haerr (Social Studies)
Mr. William Hofman (Business Education)
Mr. Theodore Holz (Social Science, Business Education)
Mr. William Horward (Science)
Miss Karen Jamieson (English)
Mrs. Bette Jerkans (Physical Education, Health)
Mr. Andrew Knasek (Social Science, English)
Mr. Floyd Konet (Physical Education, Health)
Mr. James Kotora (Vocal Music, Band, Opportunity Music)
Miss Katherine Krumhansl (Art)
Mr. Larrry Lako (Physical Education, Health)
Miss Bonnie Lang (English)
Mr. Theodore Lesiak (Social Science)
Mrs. Elizabeth Lewis (English, Speech)
Mr. Jeff Lewis (Business Education)
Mr. Edward MacArther (Science)
Mrs. Marjorie Manning (English, Speech)
Mr. John Marinyak (Cadet Band, Mixed Chorus)
Mr. Harley Mays (Business Education)
Mr. Carl McColloch (Industrial Arts)
Miss Carol Mikash (Language)
Miss Mary Ann Miklos (Business Education)
Mr. Joseph Moore (Mathematics)
Mrs. Ann Norwich (Social Science)
Miss Marie Okarma (Social Science)
Mr. Bobby Parman (Mathematics)
Mr. Robert Peck (Language)
Mr. Larry Pinkley (Science)
Miss Karla Ptak (English)
Mr. Paul Quay (Social Science, Mathematics)
Mr. James Riley (Special Education)
Miss Carol Rocco (English)
Mrs. Mary Robinson (English)
Mr. Adam Rogalsky (Science, Visual Education)
Mr. Charles Satava (Mathematics)
Miss Jean Seidel (Physical Education, Hygiene)
Mr. Ray Stiefel (Industrial Arts)
Mr. Ralph Subotnik (Business Education, Mirror)
Mr. James Tarr (Mathematics)
Mr. William Toneff (English)
Mr. Walter Williams (Physical Education)
Mr. Robert Wolfe (Physical Education, Hygiene)
Miss Katherine Woody (English)
Mr. David Yanchunas (Science)



Miss Jean Seidel (Girl's Physical Education Coordinator)
Mr. Walter Williams (Athletic Director, Boy's Physical Education Coordinator)


SUPPORT STAFF (1965-1966)

Mrs. Laura Brusk (Cafeteria Manager)
Mr. Joseph Kessler (Assistant Custodian)
Miss Lucille McVoy (Guidance Office Secretary)
Mrs. Rita Nash (Administrative Office Secretary)
Miss Gail Ostrovic (Administrative Office Secretary)
Mrs. Alice Presby (Administrative Office Secretary)
Mrs. Jeannette Rickerd (Guidance Office Secretary)
Mr. Frank Stautihar (Assistant Custodian)
Mr. Pat Syllaba (Head Custodian)


     The Senior Class Officers were Robert Ritley (President), Irland Tashima (Vice President), Gloria DeNoto (Secretary) and Rosemary Beninato (Treasurer).



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