50-Year Reunion Archive

Garfield Heights High School
Class of 1966

The Dinner-Dance at the Garfield Heights Knights of Columbus

October 1, 2016
6:00 p.m.to 11:00 p.m.


What an amazing weekend! Thanks to everyone who attended the 50-year reunion. A big thank you goes to the reunion planning committee for making this a great and unforgetable reunion. Will there be future reunions? Only time will tell!

Reunions are about revitalizing old friendships and traditions, starting new ones, catching up with friends, dancing the night away, and so much more.

After kicking off reunion weekend with Bob Carson's Open house and the social at Harry's Steakhouse, arranged byKaren (Blazey) Niemczura and Lana (Knopp) Campana, the weekend concluded with the main event, the 50-year reunion dinner-dance affair at the elegant Garfield Heights Knights of Columbus on Grnager Road across from St. Theresa Elementary School.

Each thumbnail shown below is linked to a larger view taken at the dinner-dance. If you wish to add your photos of the affair, please send them to Gene Zizka at ezizka1966@gmail.com as attachments or by including them in the body of the email. You will be acknowldged for your contributions.

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Dinner-Dance-Pic 01 Dinner-Dance-Pic 02 Dinner-Dance-Pic 03 Dinner-Dance-Pic 04 Dinner-Dance-Pic 05
Dinner-Dance-Pic 06 Dinner-Dance-Pic 07 Dinner-Dance-Pic 08 Dinner-Dance-Pic 09 Dinner-Dance-Pic 10
Dinner-Dance-Pic 11 Dinner-Dance-Pic 12 Dinner-Dance-Pic 13 Dinner-Dance-Pic 14 Dinner-Dance-Pic 15
Dinner-Dance-Pic 16 Dinner-Dance-Pic 17 Dinner-Dance-Pic 18 Dinner-Dance-Pic 19 Dinner-Dance-Pic 20
Dinner-Dance-Pic 21 Dinner-Dance-Pic 22 Dinner-Dance-Pic 23 Dinner-Dance-Pic 24 Dinner-Dance-Pic 25
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