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Introductory Astronomy on the Internet is a three-credit descriptive course, requiring no on-campus activities. The advantage of this course is that you have the freedom to work anytime you choose -- day or night, weekends and holidays -- and you may complete the requirements as quickly or slowly as allowed by your personal circumstances.

This course has been written for students who have little or no preparation in science and mathematics and who are most likely using it to fulfill their general educational requirements for a college degree. The authors have attempted to share their enthusiasms for the field of astronomy and to encourage students to become more involved in science.

Prerequisite: None
Recommended Prerequisite: None

Textbook: Astronomy: A Beginner's Guide to the Universe, Fourth Edition, by Eric Chaisson (Tufts University) and Steve McMillan (Drexel University).


To explore the mysteries of the universe ...


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The World Wide Web is an almost endless resource of knowledge. Checkout the Astronomy On-Line Resource Center for some of the most interesting sites in astronomny. You might be surprised how much the World Wide Web can help you learn Introductory Astronomy.

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